Virtual Events Guide

What You Need to Know About Hosting Virtual Events

Whether you’re setting up your first Zoom session, or planning for a full online conference, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to creating online content and successful virtual meetings. Explore this curated list of best practices and tutorials on how to run effective and engaging online events.

Creating Virtual Events

Building Effective Online Content

From starting a new online community to leading efficient and impactful business meetings, this step-by-step guide by David Spinks has great insights and takeaways for even the most experienced content creators.

Shifting From a Live to Virtual Event

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable set of tools to move your events online, the Google Suite of tools are a top choice. In this primer Google shares learnings from their own events and experience marketing team. While they discuss example using Google tools (Hangouts, YouTube) the advice and strategies are platform agnostic.

Security and Privacy

Preventing Zoom Bombers

One unfortunate consequence of moving virtual, is the risk of internet hackers or “trolls” invading your events. Here are some tips to keep your Zoom meetings free of “Zoom bombers”.

Privacy Concerns of Online Tools

As you and your company move to sign up for new online collaboration tools, you may opening yourself up to increased risk. Every new tool adds opportunities for data leakage and additional terms of service. Here are a few points to look out for with some of the most used virtual tools.