Why do entrepreneurs need to identify compelling problems worth solving?

Curious why some startups take-off immediately while others struggle to find traction?

There’s a simple reason for this … as a founder, you must start with the problem. Not YOUR problem, but the problem YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMER wants solved. Since building a solution in search of a problem is the same as a hammer looking for a nail, your startup’s on-going focus will be understanding how you can solve your customer’s problems better than your competitors.

If you’ve spent 1 year launching a product with no success, this workshop will explore why it’s essential to discover everyday problems that your customers are actively trying solve and determine which customers are your Early Adopters who will tolerate your imperfect solution as you refine it.

During this 🔥 workshop, we’ll:

  • Understand why solving the same problem for many people helps you create a business.
  • Learn why finding a compelling problem to solve is an essential first step.
  • Analyze which market segment suffers from an identified problem and is looking for a solution now.
  • Explore techniques entrepreneurs use to identify the compelling problems worth solving.
  • Examine how to measure if you’ve found a compelling problem and an accessible customer.

😎 TOPIC: Understanding the problem your customer wants solved
🤔 ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Why do proven founders build startups around the core ability of identifying compelling problems their customer want solved?
🥳 WORKSHOP OBJECTIVE: Explore why founders focus on their customer’s problem and understand how to determine when different customer segments will be ready to buy your product or service.
😘 AUDIENCE: early stage startup founders/co-founders; team leaders and product managers who are building key business functions that generate repeatable sales and solution delivery

This is an ONLINE ONLY workshop via YOUTUBE LIVE!

🧠 1:00-1:20PM: Online Workshop
🙋‍♀️ 1:20-1:30PM: Live Q&A

📆 Event date/time: Thursday, July 2nd at 1:00PM
📍 Location: ONLINE (link sent ONLY to registered attendees)
🍿 Access: Livestream via YouTube Live


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Jul 02 2020


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm



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