Urban Reads: Steven Higashide

“Better Buses, Better Cities: “⁠ — Transport expert Steven Higashide will discuss how to plan, run and win the fight for effective transit.

ransitCenter Director of Research Steven Higashide shows us what a successful bus system looks like with real-world stories of reform—such as Houston redrawing its bus network overnight, Boston making room on its streets to put buses first, and Indianapolis winning better bus service on Election Day. Higashide shows how to marshal the public in support of better buses and how new technologies can keep buses on time and make complex transit systems understandable.

Higashide argues the consequences of subpar transit service fall most heavily on vulnerable members of society. Transit systems should be planned to be inclusive and provide better service for all. These are difficult tasks that require institutional culture shifts; doing all of them requires resilient organizations and transformational leadership.

About Steven Higashide

Steven Higashide is one of America’s leading experts on public transportation and the people who use it. As director of research for the national foundation TransitCenter, Higashide has authored groundbreaking reports that have redefined how decision makers and journalists understand transit. He has taken the bus in 29 cities around the US and the world.

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Feb 12 2020


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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MATCH – Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston – Matchbox 4
3400 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002


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