Startup Grind Houston: Protect, Persevere, Pivot? How Lessons from Permaculture can Guide Your Next Move

As a founder, has your shock and upheaval from recent events sent you into a spin of questions and new problems to solve in your business? Are you ready to take on these challenges but could use a useful framework for thinking through these things in new and exciting ways?

Protect Persevere Pivot

In this fireside chat with Morgan Long-Yowell of Wagyuru, we will explore the values and principles of permaculture in order to uncover a usable framework for solving today’s critical challenges:

  •  How to look at opportunities that are already in front of you
  •  A paradigm shift in how to think about your problems
  •  Is fundraising necessary?
  •  Will becoming a more ethical business be paramount?
  •  How can you best become sustainable and self-sufficient?
  •  Why your MVP is more important than ever
  •  Leveraging a movement that had already gained significant traction before the crisis, and will become more important than ever
  •  Big red flags that you’re on the wrong path
  •  A compelling way to achieve early traction

This talk will help you develop both resilience and the innovative solutions you need to drive forward with confidence. Participants will have the opportunity to submit specific business problems ahead of time for the opportunity to hear how those might be tackled using permaculture solutions live during the event.

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May 07 2020


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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