Robotics 101 Class

Attention Robot Nerds!

Houston Robotics is proud to announce…

• When: Sunday, March 24th 2019 @ 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm

• At: TxRx Labs

• Sign up here:

Sunday March 24th, the Houston Robotics Club will be hosting and presenting a beginning robotics class whose aim is to spark and unleash the robotics passion within you!

• Cost: $25 per person

• Size: min = 20 ; max = 30

• Class Agenda:

(** Please bring a pad of graphics paper and a writing utensil. **)

– What’s out there

– The Mission

– Motors, Power

– Sensors, Processors

– Mechanics

– Putting it Together

(* The Robotics 101 Class is in addition to the regularly scheduled Robotics Club meetup that occurs every Sunday at 2:00 pm at the same location. To view a list of all upcoming meetups for the Robotics Club, click here (

Led by our in-house robotics and engineering guru Will Dauchy (Dutch) and assisted by other members of the Houston Robotics, the Robotics 101 class will introduce you to the fundamentals of robotics concepts, hardware and software.

In this class, we’ll help you cultivate an awareness of what’s happening in the world of robotics, how engineers and roboticists go about creating their cool contraptions, and help you acquire the knowledge and ability to conceive, design and build common utility robots as well as fantasy robots from your imagination.

It is our goal that the knowledge and skills you learn from the Robotics 101 class help guide you in your hobbyist dreams and perhaps even become the foundation and springboard toward an interesting and exciting career in robotics if you so desire.

Come join us and have fun as this class introduces concepts and components that will continually build on each other. Please RSVP quickly for this event to occur Sunday, March 24th at 2:30 pm as seating is limited.

Here is an extended agenda of what will be covered during the class:

(** Please bring a pad of graphics paper and a writing utensil. Some of the exercises will require you to sketch your imagination. **)

What’s out there

• Video expo of robots in use today

• A fun look at some of our favorite movie robots.

• Discussion of the different robot sizes, shapes and weights.

– The Mission

• Investigates answers to the question: Why robotics?

– Motors, Power

• An overview of various power and motor solutions for different types of robots.

– Sensors, Processors

• A look at processors, control, programming, sensors and sensor interfacing.

– Mechanics

• A study of methods and modes of locomotion, and a survey of different types of robotic manipulators that allow robots to touch the world.

– Putting it Together

• Using your new knowledge to define, design and build your robot.


Take your robotics skills to the next level!

Robotics 101 Class

Houston Robotics


Mar 24 2019


2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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205 Roberts st


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