From Feeling “Not Enough” to Thriving

A deep dive into living life from a place of wellbeing and possibilities. Shift from feeling “not enough” to thriving in anything you do.

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Join Repurpose Your Purpose, in partnership with General Assembly, for a special online event about (re)connecting with feeling “enough” no matter where you are at.

One of the most common experiences we share as human beings is the feeling we sometimes get of not “being enough.” You might experience it during the best of times (hello Impostor’s Syndrome!) or when times get tough. You might feel it once in a while or often, as a little hum in the back of your mind that you barely notice.

From Feeling "Not Enough" to Thriving

How do you shift from feeling “not enough” to feeling you can do what you set out to do, you can embrace your achievements, that you are in fact enough, even when things are tough?

Join transformational coach Aurora Meneghello, Founder of Repurpose Your Purpose, for a deep dive into living life from an inner place of wellbeing and possibilities, and shift from feeling “not enough” to thriving in anything you do.

This webinar will provide plenty of opportunities to interact with Aurora and with other participants.

Why it Matters:

When we experience life from an inner state of peace and possibilities, everything gets easier. This doesn’t mean that we can magically get whatever we want, but it does make our engaging with the present moment a lot more effective. Join Repurpose Your Purpose to learn approaches and practices to help you weather the ups and downs of life – always feeling that you are indeed “enough”.

Repurpose Your Purpose is a program dedicated to changing careers, and this workshop was created specifically for those thinking of changing careers or experiencing a career change.  For more workshops, visit us on Eventbrite, and to find out more about Repurpose Your Purpose, click here.


Aug 26 2020


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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