Founder’s Compass (virtual) Town Hall Launch Event

Founder’s Compass is launching on July 23rd at 4pm US CDT. The virtual (Zoom) launch will introduce the four ‘Founders for Founders’ (Brittany Barreto Ph.D, Catherine Brown, Leela Madan, and Steve Jennis: who are bringing an entirely new form of business education to aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs. We will introduce our Compass Courses, our Navigator Log, our personal motivation behind creating Founder’s Compass, and our planned role in promoting, supporting, and partnering with the Texas start-up eco-system (including accelerators, investors, corporate innovators, and entrepreneurship academics). Our focus is on helping entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and, more specifically, achieve their next practical objective whatever that is (e.g. founding/incorporation, market validation, MVP, accelerator application, fund-raising, scaling-up, etc.) with street-smart advice from four experienced, successful founders. We help founders to navigate the seas of entrepreneurship with less risk and toward greater reward.

Last, but not least, sign-up for a September or October Compass Course (either the 2-Day or 4-Evening format) before August 1st and benefit from our one-time 50% off launch offer; but hurry, this offer is only available for registrations made by Friday July 31st at:

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• Twitter: @founderscompas

The event is finished.