Cultivate Career Agility: How to Create Your Edge in the Modern Workplace (Online)

With business practices, individual career strategies, and technology change advancing at record speed, the workplace requires you to strengthen your agility muscle. Today’s workplace exists in a state of creative destruction and constant reinvention. This ongoing transformation demands a new outlook for employers and workers alike. Individuals must learn to adapt to this insistent current of change or find yourselves unemployed and unemployable. Come join the discussion as Marti Konstant, workplace futurist and author of Activate Your Agile Career, launches an engaging dialogue with a team of panelists about how to accomplish this.

We will discuss workplace agility from two sides: the organization and the individual:

• Organizations are moving from fixed and predictable to adapt to a more fluid environment. They are becoming more agile in how they develop their workforce and evolve their business models.

• Individuals are responding to these changes and also taking the lead in their own career development patterns for the future of work.

This event will be hosted online due to safety considerations, please check out the “Preparation” section on the bottom of this page. Registered participants will be notified in advance of this program with information on how to log in to the event.


Apr 16 2020


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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