Carbon Credibility: How to communicate your low carbon economy startup

An introduction to optimising the impact of your low carbon economy startup and how to use that story to help you grow.

About this Event

This webinar is an introduction to optimising the impact of your low carbon economy startup and how to use that story to help you grow.

What you’ll learn

Lots of people want to do entrepreneurship that fights climate change. But how do you know whether your efforts are really going to make a difference? Our webinar will introduce you to:

  • How to understand and meet internationally recognised standards for emissions reduction
  • How to found a high-potential, scalable startup which reduces carbon emissions
  • Ways to develop your ideas, quickly
  • How to build something that customers want

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Humanity needs to work together to fight climate change. If you know anyone who meets our talent profile and may be ready to fight climate change through entrepreneurship, then please share our webinar through the link below or through the social media channels at the bottom of the page.


This webinar is offered by Carbon13. We are a venture builder specifically for entrepreneurial people fighting the climate emergency. Whether you have a startup already, or want to explore this opportunity, this webinar may be appropriate for you. This webinar will also cover:

  1. Our mission to reduce carbon emissions by 1% through fast-growth entrepreneurial ventures, ventures that will make a significant impact on carbon emissions and secure humanity’s future on this planet.
  2. How we remove the obstacles to starting ventures, such as building a team, access to investment, a business model, a fundraising pitch and a first customer.
  3. Whether our online and in-person programmes are right for you.

Our why

Startup innovation is necessary to save the planet. Everyone who has the talent to make a difference to the climate emergency should be channelling that talent into the one great effort that humanity most needs.

Corporates can’t generate certain types of innovation we need by themselves. Entrepreneurs are needed to generate certain types of business model innovation, innovation that anticipates regulatory change, innovation that depends on behaviour changes that haven’t happened yet, and cross-disciplinary innovation.

Without entrepreneurs, we won’t get enough innovation to solve this problem and we won’t get it fast enough, so we need talented people like you to focus their efforts this way.

Our weekly Wednesday and Friday webinars:

Carbon13 runs weekly webinars on Wednesdays and Fridays. We share best practices, introductions to low carbon startup hot topics, and strategies tailored to startups tackling the climate emergency.

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Sep 04 2020


7:00 am - 8:00 am

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