BBL Ventures Energy Challenge Kick-off Webinar

We are launching a 6-week challenge campaign to find BEST in class solutions to BIG pain points in the energy and industrial sectors.

Winners are eligible for POCs, pilots and funding. 

BBLV works with all the large energy + industrial companies to map their pain points/technology gaps and then source teams that can deliver solutions. Solution priorities for the challenge are listed below:

  • New solutions for GHG Challenge
  • Gas demand and gas conversion
  • New Hydrocarbon products
  • Carbon capture utilization and storage
  • Finding and producing oil & gas
  • Transport and conversion of oil & gas
  • Bio-based fuels and chemicals
  • Product operations sustainability
  • Industrial cyber security
  • Energy storage for industrial operations
  • Industrial water/produced water
  • Digital technologies/enabled business models
  • Reliability/maintenance/EPC practices
  • Low Emissions technologies
  • Remote operations
  • Waste to heat
  • Cycle time and optimization

The event is finished.


May 21 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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