Achieving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Tech

Join the Austin Forum on Technology & Society to learn how to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech.

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In this special second event on the topic of social justice, equity, and diversity (following our event on August 4), we will address how and why technology companies can be be drivers of change in social justice, equity, and diversity—and why this will be good for their own success (products, services, profits, and more) as well as society.

Technology now enables and empowers most companies and organizations, and most of us as consumers, learners, etc., fueling growth in the technology sector. The COVID-19 pandemic has further increased our dependence on technology. However, the concurrent focus on social injustice in the US has shined a light on the lack of diversity and equity in the tech sector andI on the inequitable access to technology (broadband, computers, smartphones, affordable connectivity, etc.).

Our panel of experts will show data on these inequities, then are how tech companies can lead the charge in promoting diversity and equity in the workforce and proving technology accessibility to all people. Please join us and share your own thoughts, experiences, and suggestions in the important forum.

We welcome your participation! Please email us with your questions, answers and prognostications in advance.

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Matt Stephenson, CEO @ Code2College

Elizabeth Quintanilla, Chief Marketing Gunslinger @ Marketing Gunslinger

Leo Ramirez, CEO @ Encast

Michael Ward Jr, President and CEO @ Austin Urban Technology Movement


As usual, the ‘doors will open’ at 6:00PM, but this means the Zoom session will ‘open’ so that people can begin connecting and testing their devices and settings (and asking us for help via email or the Slack workspace if needed).

We look forward to ’seeing’ you online on August 4th We will resume in-person meetings when it is safe, in conjunction with online meetings.

We welcome your participation! Please email us with your questions, answers, and prognostications in advance.

Admission to the Austin Forum monthly events is always free and open to everyone!

The Austin Forum accepts donations of used smart phones, tablets, and computers at all our events. Since the events are no online, please let us know via the ‘chat’ window during the event if you have devices to donate. All devices will have a factory reset and be set up as new by the team at Austin Pathways’ nationally-recognized “Unlocking the Connection” initiative, which will connect every public housing resident with a digital device, digital literacy, and a free or very low-cost internet connection. Your donated devices can change lives and help close Austin’s digital divide, thanks to Austin Pathways.

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Aug 25 2020


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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