Upcoming VC Pitch Sessions

Previous Opportunities (Applications Closed)

Seed; B2B SaaS
Seed; Industry Agnostic
Seed-Series A; B2B SaaS
Seed- Series A; B2B SaaS
Series B+; B2B SaaS
Seed; Retail Tech
Seed +; Industry Agnostic
Series A,B; B2B, SaaS, Health
Seed; Female-led
Seed-Series A; Space Tech
Seed-Series A; Industry Agnostic
Seed; B2B Technologies
Seed; Industry Agnostic
Seed+; Industry Agnostic
Seed+; New Technologies

Current Applications

Seed-Series B; B2B SaaS, Digital Experiences, Healthcare
Seed; Healthcare, Automotive, Logistics, and FinTech
Seed; Industry Agnostic
Series A-B; Deep Tech
Seed; Consumer Brands
Seed; B2B SaaS
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Currently Fundraising? Let us know!

The Who’s Raising bulletin is for founders (yes, even those in stealth) who are currently fundraising and want to leverage HX’s network of investors– people in the market actively doing deals. HX curates connections based on investment stage/vertical/ shared data points with investor groups with matching theses. 

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