Stephanie Campbell and Leslie Goldman from The Artemis fund are the latest to participate in an HXTV Ask Me Anything. In this live Q&A, they discuss their fund and portfolio, how they work to support female founders, and how the entire Houston ecosystem can improve to help increase diversity and inclusion. The Artemis Fund is a venture firm created to support women both as venture capitalists and as founders. They invest in seed round companies across any industry and require companies to be female-founded or co-founded.

Stephanie Campbell is the Managing Director of the Houston Angel Network, one of the most active angel networks in the country. She is also the Chair of Houston Exponential’s Early Stage Investment Committee. She holds an MBA from Rice University.

Leslie Goldman practiced as a corporate lawyer for over 25 years. She has built teams and recruited executives as a Managing Director at Major, Lindsey, and Africa. Leslie has invested in over 40 early stage, high-growth companies, either directly or in syndicates and venture funds.

Introductions by Bryant: 5:02
Introductions by Leslie: 5:48
Introductions by Stephanie: 9:34
Background of The Artemis Fund: 12:56
More about their protfolio: 14:29
“How are you approaching investing and managing your portfolio differently with the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19?” 20:03
“How has diligence changed and is your fund prepared to lead the sourcing and advising of your portfolio companies?” 21:42
“What are the areas of opportunity that you are seeing in the post COVID world?” 24:35
“What do you look for in founders? When is a company ready to reach out to Artemis?” 29:17
“How do you find great female entrepreneurs and what is the focus of your support structure?” 31:51
“Over the last 5 years, you could be an all-male firm and it would be business as usual. How and when has the story arc changed? How have entrepreneurs influenced this?” 35:41
“There’s a funding gap for women founders who need a tech co-founder in Houston. How can we close this gap?” 39:02
“There are so many tech ecosystems out there, why did you decide to be based out of Houston? In terms of diversity, what do you think differentiates Houston from the rest of the cities?” 40:19
“FinTech may have seemed very attractive 5 months ago, but looks really risky to me right now. You mentioned EdTech, and I see a real need and increased awareness. How do you, and can you, pivot?” 42:00
“What is the general capital needs for the companies that come to Artemis? Do you find that you have to coach up the female-led startups you’re seeing to ask for more investment money?” 44:43
“How are you thinking about your performance as a fund?” 49:26
“How can the local startup/entrepreneurial ecosystem reduce unintended bias so to better support early-stage female founders? How are we doing, and how can we do better?” 51:35
“Do you lower ROI expectations for social impact applications?” 54:30
“If you’re new to understanding how funding works, can you recommend any resources for learning the important steps/jargon? 55:20
“What’s your anti-portfolio? Are there any companies that you regret not investing in when you had the chance?” 56:43
Final thoughts: 57:48

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