Baird Capital’s Tim Marx partakes in a live Q&A format Ask Me Anything, hosted by Houston Exponential’s Bryant Chan. They discuss topics such as how family offices compare to venture firms, how COVID-19 is affecting Baird’s outlook, and entrepreneurs can set themselves up for success when fundraising. Baird Capital invests in companies across multiple sectors, including healthcare, industrial solutions, and technology services, from Series A to B. They have invested in nearly 300 portfolio companies since they starting in 1989. Baird invests globally and aims to grow companies to succeed globally.

Tim Marx is an independent consultant that has been providing his expert advice to Baird Capital since 2018. Marx, working as an advisor, will work with Baird Capital’s Venture team to pursue new investment opportunities and help build value within the existing portfolio. With two decades of experience in the consulting and corporate strategy sector, Marx most recently worked as Partner and Managing Director of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Marx has worked domestically at Morgan Stanley and internationally at Grupo Financiero Banorte (Mexico). Marx also serves as an advisor and mentor for TMCx, Texas Medical Center’s accelerator program, and Station Houston, Houston’s hub for tech startups, entrepreneurs and innovation, in addition to his role as Senior Advisor for several start-ups. Marx holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, International Business and Spanish from The Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s degree of Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business. He was a 2000-01 Fulbright Scholar at ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico.


Introductions by Bryant: 5:39

Introduction by Chris/Background of Active Capital: 6:32

“What opportunities and trends are you seeing in the B2B SaaS space over the last several quarters? What has surprised you?” 9:47

“What sort of signals are you looking for in potential investments outside of revenue, team, and market?” 11:17

“Given long sales cycles in B2B, what sort of momentum are you looking for in B2B companies before you decide to invest?” 13:34

“What does a typical ‘founder success initiative’ look like?” 16:03

“Do you look at founder business experience, or are you more focused on the underlying tech of product? Is IP important to you?” 19:12

“What MRR do you look for in your pre-seed investment companies?” 21:18

“How are your portfolio companies coping with the crisis in terms of revenue growth (ARR) and customer retention/churn?” 24:14

“How has COVID changed your investment thesis or velocity?” 26:25

“What are some of the weed-out questions and criteria you use to decide which start-ups to pass on?” 28:55

“At what point in a startup’s lifecycle is it appropriate to start engaging with Active?” 31:49

“Why are you choosing to invest now, in today’s volatile climate?” 33:32

“How many deals do you look to do in a year? What’s your deal sourcing strategy and your funnel look like?” 34:38

“When investing, do you look at how big the market is for an opportunity? Is there a minimum size you target?” 37:02

“What questions are you asking companies that you weren’t asking three months ago?” 39:25

“What drove you from practitioner to VC?” 41:17

“Speaking of podcasts, what podcasts would you recommend for people interested in entrepreneurship and venture capital in the long term?” 43:12

“What emerging markets are you excited about?” 47:15

“Does Active Capital focus less on the ‘capital efficiency’ characteristics given that it’s going to be difficult for so many companies to truly make progress in the next 12-24 months?” 49:35

“What looks interesting to you in the XR space?” 50:53

Final thoughts: 51:49

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