In this VC AMA with RevTech Ventures, they cover a variety of topics, including how retail tech is changing, how COVID-19 is affecting the retail landscape in their eyes, and how they personally are approaching the retail tech landscape. RevTech Ventures invests in early-stage companies, (Bootstrapped, Pre-Seed, and Seed) and focus on the retail tech industry. They aim to make a small number of investments each year so that they can provide hands-on mentorship and access to the vast RevTech Ventures network. They are currently on their 7th fund, and are eager to expand into the Houston area!



Introductions by Joey: 5:12

Introduction by David & Background of RevTech: 6:40

Introduction by Rachel & Details on Portfolio: 9:43

Introduction by Greta: 10:47

Why retail tech?: 11:46

“What’s unique about the Houston market and what are opportunities RevTech sees here?” 12:47

“How do you see the retail technology landscape shifting as a result of COVID and the accelerated growth of D2C brands?” 15:15

“What has been the most interesting expansion of a technology into retail tech that hadn’t originally addressed the vertical?” 20:54

“What are the strongest customer problem sets you’re seeing right now in retail? In hospitality?” 25:10

“What are your thoughts about AR for use in the consumer shopping experience?” 31:57

“Does the possibility of mentorship exist before a group or team is considered for funding or rather to be funded?” 36:29

“What is unique about the RevTech mentoring model?” 37:53

“How has COVID-19 influenced your investment thesis?” 39:24

“What kinds of retail technology are you looking to invest? Does it include hardware platforms?” 41:07

“What is a typical expectation for ROI by a venture group investing at the seed/early revenue stage?” 46:14

“What is the best time to start engaging with venture groups? How long before “officially” opening the funding round?” 47:37

“Should we raise Pre-Series A vs Seed Round? And does that mean Angels vs early-stage VC’s?” 49:19

Final thoughts: 52:58

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