In this VC AMA, Mattia Flabiano and Ritika Mahajan of Radian Capital discuss how their firm invests, what they look for in an investment, and how COVID-19 has affected their investment thesis. Radian Capital is a later stage investor, searching for companies raising a Series B or later round. They invest in B2B SaaS companies, and are eager to invest in most markets.

Mattia Flabiano is a Senior Associate at Radian Capital. Prior to joining Radian, Mattia worked at Greenspring Associates, a multi-strategy venture capital platform, and BankCap Partners, a financial services-focused private equity firm. Mattia received his MBA from The Wharton School where he was a Palmer Scholar and his B.S. in Commerce from the University of Virginia.

Ritika Mahajan is a Principal at Radian Capital. Prior to joining Radian, she focused on enterprise technology investments at Advent International and did strategy consulting at McKinsey & Co. Ritika received her MBA from Harvard Business School and her B.B.A from the University of Michigan.


Introductions by Joey: 5:25

Intro by Mattia: 7:05

Intro by Ritika: 8:45

Background and investment thesis of Radian Capital: 10:05

“Has your investment thesis changed at all in this new environment? How has your lens on evaluating deals changed if at all?” 17:50

“You said $5MM revenue about is what you typically look for, is this a ‘rule’ or do you consider strong revenue growth with high scalability?” 22:32

“Any particular markets that you DON’T like, e.g. travel, entertainment, fintech, etd? What should we be looking for to send to you?” 24:45

“Given this new digital environment, could you imagine writing term sheet for founders you’ve never met face to face?” 27:09

“Thoughts on the current valuation of B2B SaaS companies?” 29:51

“Any investment or interest in enterprise technology (VR/AR/MR) plays? Especially relative to distance learning and remote instruction in a post-COVID world.” 34:16

“What aspect of doing a deal gets you the most excited?” 37:40

“What are your top 3 indicators of traction and portfolio fit when evaluating a company?” 41:02

“Is scaling after a raise best done as quickly as possible, or slowly enough to prevent hiring/operational mistakes?” 44:55

“What is your preferred method of initial contact without having a warm introduction?” 50:02

“In your perspective, how does the Houston ecosystem need to evolve to catch up with other innovation centers around the world?” 53:14

“Recommendations for first time founders on nailing the pitch. What’s the ideal pitch format and what needs to come across strongest?” 57:18

“What is your biggest pet peeve that entrepreneurs commit?” 1:00:51

Closing comments: 1:03:54

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