Adam Day, Director at Golden Section Venture Capital, has a discussion with Bryant Chan about their firm and the landscape of venture investment today, with a live Q&A format. Golden Section Venture Capital invests in B2B SaaS companies, in Seed and Series A rounds. They prefer to invest in companies with an ARR of $250K or more. Adam elaborates on Golden Section’s approach to investing, discusses the landscape of B2B SaaS companies, and provides advice on securing funding for founders.

Adam Day is a director at GSVC. His experience includes being CEO and CFO of a SaaS company,  direct investment in middle markets, and family office experience. He has an MBA from Texas A&M.


Introduction by Bryant: 3:50

Adam Day Introduction: 5:00

GSVC Background: 7:45

“How would you define yourself as a micro-vc and how does that differentiate you from others?” (Includes investment thesis) 10:28

“Do you guys go into any B2B2C SaaS, or only B2B SaaS?” 11:46

“Are you actually looking at new investments or focusing on existing portfolio survival duing COVID-19?” 13:44

“Are there specific post-revenue metrics you want that are deal breakers?” 17:42

“How do you prefer to be approached by founders you have not built a previous relationship with?” 21:38

“How do you know it’s time to let a portfolio company go?” 24:12

“Since the pandemic, have you seen an uptick in E-commerce?” 29:44

“Is it better to scale quickly and assume mistakes will be made, or scale more slowly but efficiently?” 31:58

“At your ticket size, do you have a preference on equity structure, converts or straight/rounds of equity?” 37:51

“What are some of the key attributes you look for when investing? At a financial, technology, and person level?” 41:52

“What are your thought on the future valuation for B2B SaaS companies post COVID-19?” 48:43

Closing remarks: 55:15

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