Dan Kerr, of Flyover Capital, hosts a brief presentation on how founders can build relationships with VC firms, even in a virtual setting. He discusses setting up meetings, the content of a conversation, and how to follow up after your first meeting. After this, he hosts a live Q&A where he elaborates on Flyover Capital and their investment thesis, how founders can address various issues in conversations with VC firms, and how he believes COVID-19 will change the landscape. Flyover Capital is an early stage VC Firm, investing in Seed and Series A rounds, and focusing on B2B SaaS companies in “Flyover” area: places away from the coasts and traditional innovation districts.

Dan Kerr brings to the Flyover team more than 10 years of financial and operational experience as Principal. His primary responsibilities include identification and investment in new opportunities for the Flyover portfolio. Dan has worked at both early stage technology companies and large financial institutions. Prior to joining Flyover, he worked for UMB Financial Corporation in corporate strategy and development. He played a key role in merger and acquisition (“M&A”) transactions for the company, including leading deal evaluation, financial modeling and due diligence efforts.


Introduction by Joey: 4:38

Introduction by Dan: 5:48

Background of Flyover Capital/investment thesis: 8:00

Building virtual connections: 11:25

Setting up virtual meetings: 12:36

Content of virtual meetings: 17:05

Follow up: 25:36

“Can you speak to key topics/messages/metrics founders should focus on when talking about their company? What if our growth is not 3xYoY?” 29:30

“Should startups be actively raising right now or just work on building relationships?” 31:55

“What are the benefits of using Equity Crowdfunding for a first round raise vs a VC investment?” 33:50

“How should founders approach how much money to ask for? How do you see that changing with COVID uncertainty?” 35:50

“What should investment professionals looking to get involved in the innovation ecosystem know before getting involved?” 38:51

“How should a founder with a low value term sheet broach that subject with other potential investors?” 41:28

“How can an entrepreneur generate the same engagement when pitching online vs in person?” 43:55

“How do you feel about companies starting now specifically related to COVID situations?” 45:54

“What does Houston need to do to retain the Energy Capital title and attract and/or keep renewable energy startups here in our great city?” 48:30

“Any final thoughts or advice for Houston founders?” 53:13

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