Capital Flows Where Investors Go: HX Capital Summit 2019

Houston Exponential was created to accelerate the growth of Houston’s innovation ecosystem. And as part of that goal, we’ll be measured against three main targets by 2022: 

1. Getting Houston into the top 10 U.S. innovation ecosystems and the top 20, globally.

2. Attracting $2B in venture funding.

3. Creating 10,000+ new technology jobs.

On September 12, we’ll hone in on that second goal specifically at our second annual Capital Summit, presented by JPMorgan Chase and hosted by Rice University.

“Just in 2019 alone, Houston startups have raised almost $300 million in investments. We’re excited to see it scale even further as more capital flows in to fuel continued growth,” said Houston Exponential Executive Director, Harvin Moore. “The Summit is a great way for us to get more people involved, more capital flowing and more fuel for growth to benefit Houston as a whole.”

Facilitating the flow of capital is our main objective, which is why the Summit was developed with multiple tracks—we know that not every investment or investor has the same goals or methods. Throughout the day, a total of seven panels will feature different topics as well as at least one representative on each from startups that have raised money here in Houston. What is their perspective on raising capital? Why Houston? Why now?

For our keynote HX Fund of Funds panel, we’re bringing in venture capitalists voicing their strategies and reasons for investing in Houston’s ecosystem as well as views on what a great investment looks like to them.

The event is expected to attract over 250 local and national investors representing family offices, individual investors, venture firms, corporate venture, and investment banks. It’s a great opportunity for networking, as well as a way to educate investors from varying perspectives to get deeper insights into Houston’s burgeoning tech startup scene.

“Building our community of investors is critical to the long-term success of our ecosystem,” says Stephanie Campbell, Managing Director of the Houston Angel Network and General Partner at The Artemis Fund. “If founders cannot find the capital to start their business locally, they will be motivated to go elsewhere or leave. The HX Capital Summit will showcase a selection of the most active investor groups in Houston and hopes more investors are encouraged to get involved after learning more about the exciting things brewing in Houston.”

Join us as we build towards our $2B venture funding goal by bringing those that can make it happen together at the 2019 HX Capital Summit.

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